Alrighty, lovely readers, here’s a different kind of post for you!  This is a reflective kind of post – musings, thoughts, all that kind of stuff.  And today, the topic happens to be sovereignty.  Sovereignty of God, to be exact.

It’s kind of funny.  I have TWO recipes and TWO events that I’m SUPER excited to share with you, but I feel like this is really important.  So here we go 🙂

Standing in chapel today during worship, I had a lot of thoughts.  I thought about how the first song wasn’t my favorite.  I thought about how worship bands can be really distracting, with their cool effects and nifty riffs.  I thought about how sometimes chapel feels like a concert, and I don’t really like that.  But then the band started the next song, Our God Saves.

The chorus is what gets me each time:

Our God saves

Our God saves

There is hope in His name

Mourning turns to songs of praise

Our God saves

Our God saves

(Emphasis mine)

Then I started thinking about a person I know who desperately needs the hope of Jesus, and is so close to reaching out.  I thought about the hope of Jesus and what that means, and how His hope turns the sad things in life to things that we can eventually thank Him for, although sometimes it takes awhile.  And that led to thinking about God’s sovereignty.

The band started the next song, and I didn’t recognize it.  I honestly don’t remember what it was or enough of the words to even type them here.  The gist of it, however, was that God keeps us from being overwhelmed when we allow Him to help, and everything is under His power and watchful eye.


I began to think about the things in my life that just seem out of place, or annoying or frustrating.  I thought of my fight with anorexia and all of the tummy issues and eating struggles that go along with that.  I kind of questioned God…why?  What’s the point of this?  Why is this such an issue for me?  And why do I feel like You keep loading it on me?

Did He give me a straight-up answer?


Did my “mourning turn to songs of praise” right away?


But you know what the Lord did remind me of?

His sovereignty.  And that nothing…nothing I deal with is outside of it.

And that, my friends, is something that can turn my complaints, questions, “mourning”, into songs of praise.

And by the way…Our God saves!

One of my dearest friends posted this on Facebook, and I saw it just after all of the above took place…so thank you, dear friend! 🙂

The Sovereign LORD is my strength;
   he makes my feet like the feet of a deer,
   he enables me to tread on the heights.

Habakkuk 3:19

And really, how can anyone stay sad for long when they have these little fellers to gaze upon?

And because I’m a terribly proud and biased Auntie….

Have a lovely day!