When the Going Gets Tough…


…God shows the tough who’s Boss!

Story time! 🙂

Monday night, I had a little study sesh in preparation for a composition mid term the following day.  We all thought we had it pretty well under control…that is, until we found out that this test quite possibly would require us to memorize more than we had.  I all but threw the towel in.  Annoyed?  Yep.  Nervous?  Ahuh.  Perhaps a little scared?  Maaaayyybeee.  Unmotivated?  Oh yes.  Frustrated?  Without a doubt!  But God saw it all.

“In my distress I called to the Lord,

I cried to my God for help.

From his temple he heard my voice,

my cry came before him, into his ears.”

(Psalm 18:6)

That night, a wonderful friend called me up just to pray with me about the situation.  My mom gave me some encouragement, and promised she’d be praying for me as well.  And the Lord gave me rest!  I slept well that night, which pre-test-frustration aside is a huge blessing 🙂  But the next day…well, lets just say it brings to life the lyric, “Morning by morning, new mercies I see.”

My alarm went off typically early, and I did my gettin’ ready thing.  Nothing seemed different…until I noticed that our full size mirror wasn’t in it’s normal spot…and in it’s place hung a piece of paper taped to the bookshelf.  Intrigue!  I grabbed my phone to use it for a light to see what the paper said (my roomie was still asleep) and here is what I saw:

Confusion…utter confusion!  I didn’t read the word “month” initially, and all I could think was “uhhhmmm…it’s not my birthday.”  But I reread it and began to comprehend, when out of the the corner of my eye, I saw something all over the wall.  I swung my little light over to find this:

Oh.my.gosh. !!!!!  It took me a moment to realize what exactly was going on, but when I did realize the deal, I could have cried out of appreciation and…joy.  See, Marisa decided to celebrate my whole birthday month, beginning on November 1st.  In each envelope, there’s a note from someone, a scripture, and a quote.  I’ll share more of that later 🙂  Needless to say, this amazing surprise lifted my mood and put a smile on my face…I still felt nervous for the test, but I felt better.

God showed the tough who’s boss.

After this delightful discovery, we were off to a jazz event at a high school up north a little ways.  It went well and we enjoyed listening to a great high school band.  And on the way back, I received a text from a friend asking if I’d be in the music department that day.  I told her that I would be briefly, and that I’d find her when I came in.

Upon arriving, I quickly spotted my friend, and she excitedly motioned me over.  She reached for a little ziplock back and handed it to me…I didn’t know what the bag held.  She smiled broadly and announced that she’d brought pumpkin bread for me!  Moist, spicy…perfect.  Exactly what I’d been craving!!  And all right before the fateful test.

Again, God showed the tough who’s boss.

I took the test.  It went quite well (although I don’t have my grade yet…but I felt decently about it!).  After the test, I went for a walk in the sun, and enjoyed the crisp, fall air…my favorite!

And then came Wednesday, with a new birthday envelope to open, and an exciting chapel service to attend. World Vision would be coming to our campus so we could pack care-giver boxes, which would be sent to North Africa.  Not just any part of North Africa, though. These packages are being send to the part of North Africa that is dear to my heart, and that I plan to visit.  That’s pretty awesome, yes?  But there’s more!

This North African country is known for being difficult to work with when it comes to volunteer aid.  I don’t know all the details, but I just know it’s been tough…but they’ve finally decided to allow organizations like World Vision to deliver aid!

Let me lay this out for you:

#1. We pack care-giver packages

#2. Said care-giver packages are being sent to the country I plan to visit

#3. We literally packed the FIRST boxes to go to this country


The World Vision representatives did an excellent job of making this a meaningful experience by showing us a video of volunteer care-givers in other African countries.  They’re just normal people with basic training, but they have a huge heart and love for people.  Some of the care givers have serious medical difficulties as well, but they still sacrificially care for their neighbors.  What a beautiful thing.  And to know that I could help in a very small way…humbling.

Here’s a few photos for ya!

The assembly line

We packed basic items like latex gloves, soap, Vaseline, water purifiers, wash cloths, cotton balls and batters…things that we take for granted, and probably have in our bathrooms.

Here is a refill kit for the care-giver boxes

In front of each item to pack, they had placed a little card to describe how each item would be used.  The vaseline in the picture above is used to soothe the skin of ill people and prevent it from cracking.

More assembly line

After packing up our bag, we placed a little note in the top with our first name, hometown and a message of encouragement.  The care-givers are thrilled to read this, and pray for the person who packed the kit.

God showed the tough who’s boss.  Not just in my situation, but in the lives of people in North Africa.

I hope this didn’t sound like a downer “you-should-feel-so-blessed-cause-they-have-it-so-bad” kind of post.  I really and truly want to convey to you the different ways I’ve seen the goodness of God this week!

“Great is Thy faithfulness,

Lord unto me!”

How has God shown you His goodness this week?  I’d love to hear 🙂