Hanging on to Break

Hello, my friends!  Sorry for the huge time-gap since my last post.  I stayed busy and had a nice relax-sesh during break 🙂  Then, it was a flurry of packing and see you later-ing and I hopped on the plane to come back for Spring semester.  Now that I’m mostly settled in and getting back in the groove of school, I decided it was high time to check in, so to speak.

I have a post or two that will essentially recap winter break…hence the title “Hanging on to Break”.  I decided to spread it out rather than stuff everything into one post!

Enough babbling – one of the highlights of break were these two monkeys:

My sister and the boys came over for a few days to hang out with us, and although they kinda wear me out, it was so much fun to see them!  I got to be “Aunt B” to the max – making the boys chocolate chip pancakes for breakfast, putting together healthy lunches (I tried to convince them to eat carrots!) and of course, filling them up with sugar!!!!  But come on, chocolate milk with whipped cream is still MILK! 😉  Annnyyywaaaayyyss……

One of my Christmas gifts to Hunter (the one on the right) was a kitchen project of his choice.  We hemmed and hawed, trying to decide what to make, when inspiration struck in the form of…Grandma!  She had been given a jar mix for s’mores bars from her boss, and what better way to use it?  So the night before heading back home, Hunter and I hit the kitchen.  Delicious marshmallo-y chocolate madness ensued.

First, we separated the marshmallows from the graham cracker-chocolate mixture.  Then we stirred melted butter in with the graham cracker mixture.  Hunter did a great job of gently mixing…a chef in the making? 😉  Then, Hunter and I carefully dumped the mixture into our cute little baking dish and got to work on smoothing it down.

Such concentration!

Look how fast he moves!

Next, we topped the crust with an extra handful of chocolate chips and some more (get it…s’more…some more….) graham cracker chunks before drowning the whole thing in mini marshmallows.

Hunter = EXCITED!

Oh, and Austin had to get in on the goings-on in the kitchen!  And Aunt B had a camera.  So obviously, he needed his picture taken 😉

In the oven our little treat went for about 15 grueling minutes.  We watched the marshmallows turn brown.  No joke.

But it was well worth the wait!  Here’s what we were treated to:

Yum!  We let it cool for a few minutes, then sliced it up and served it with a little vanilla ice cream.  Sugar?  What sugar?  😉

I really had a blast working with Hunter in the kitchen.  He was quite antsy to just go-go-GO, but he listened perfectly.  No appendages or digits were harmed in the making of this treat!!

It was like a taste of summer in the dead of winter!


Tomorrow is the third full day of classes for this semester.  I’ve taken on a pretty full class load, so there may be a few less posts, but I’ll do what I can.  I like doin’ this!  But of course, class work has to take priority.  So if you don’t hear from me for a bit, don’t worry.  I’m just doing that whole…student thing 🙂

Take care!