An Ideal Husband

Last Friday night, three lovely lady friends and I dressed up and headed out to check out An Ideal Husband…by Oscar Wilde, which was running at the Taproot Theatre!  So relax, any of you who may or may not have been taken off guard by the title…this post will not be listing all the traits and characteristics I would be looking for in an ideal husband 😉 …rather, sharing with you the details of an excellent evening.


What a great show!  Impeccable actors, an intriguing plot, amazing costumes and all with great friends…a pretty great way to spend a Friday night!

We came across this dress in the upstairs lobby (which we would soon find to be similar to the costumes in the show)…beautiful!  Based on the signs behind it, this dress is worth several thousand dollars.  Don’t worry, I kept my distance 😉

The lovely compadres – Kristy, Elizabeth, and Marisa.

Although it’s not an exceptionally clear photo, this gives you an idea of what the stage looks like.  They created a lovely set, but the most interesting part is the construction of the theatre.  The stage is almost in the middle of the room, and is surrounded by seating on three sides.  The balcony (where we sat) also covers three sides of the room, but rather than having solid walls and railing, it has glass!  This is obviously ideal for maximum viewing capabilities 🙂  Another HUGE benefit (for us short folk, at least) is that there is only one row of seats on the sides running parallel to the stage…three cheers for not having to look around big tall people in front of me!!!!!

This is the beautiful backdrop.  They made slight changes to it’s configuration, depending on the location of the scene, but there wasn’t much movement (I’m sure the stage crew didn’t complain 🙂 )  And did I mention it’s beautiful!??!

Apparently, Kristy didn’t get the memo that I decided to play photographer…but Elizabeth did!  Or perhaps I should just call it candid camera?  At any rate, here are two of the lovelies I got to hang out with!

And here is lovely #3!  My dear roommate, Marisa.

Aaaaaaaaand the obligatory roomie shot!  Diggin’ my big Seattle-lots-of-humidity hair! 😉

And that, my friends, just about sums up the night!  We had mass kitchen chaos while making dinner before the show…but being quite busy cooking, laughing and in general, having a hilariously good time, I forgot to take pictures.  I also forgot to take pictures of the massive, sugar-crusted autumnal cookies that Kristy brought…but there were pumpkins and leaves, and they were beautiful and delicious…use your imagination!

Have a wonderful day, and be encouraged because guess what?  “…the one who is in you is greater than the one who is in the world” (1 John 4:4)


P.S. Keep your eyes out for a recipe soon!