San Diego – the Fun

Hey friends!

Last week in San Diego…well, it was life changing.  We flew in to Spokane last Friday night Saturday morning (EARLY), then drove home a bit later Saturday morning.  I was tired, and ready to be home, but inspired and motivated to work hard.  This post will be mostly the fun stuff…I’ll get into the program stuff a bit later 🙂  And I still have a Graduation post to write….haha!

The UCSD Multifamily Intensive Therapy is vigorous, challenging, and INTENSE, but motivating and inspirational.  The facilitators and therapists are caring and very competent, and through the week, a general sense of comradery is developed between the families.  I would highly recommend it to anyone struggling with an Eating Disorder.  I’ll talk more about the program in another post 🙂

Are you ready to see some fun San Diego stuff??

Monday morning, we needed to be at Rady Children’s Hospital (where therapy would take place) bright and early to get all set up and checked in for the week.  Our hotel, the Holiday Inn (in Mission Valley) didn’t have continental breakfast, but they did have a nice little restaurant, so we had breakfast there the first morning in town.  Here is my “little” parfait!  The fresh strawberries were AH-mazing.

Even though we were busy all day, we were sure to get some touristy sight-seeing in!  Our first adventure took place in Old Town San Diego.

  There were palm trees…

…and nifty buildings.

Dinner was our first stop, though!  We checked out the menu for El Fandango, and liked it, but were completely won when they gave us a 15% of coupon!

Here we are, goofing off a bit while waiting for our scrumptious dinner

Besides the obligatory chips and salsa, mom and I shared a salad to start.

Here’s my dinner – chicken tacos…REAL chicken tacos.  Corn tortillas rather than flour, big chunks of chicken, lettuce and tomatoes, topped with queso fresco or cotija.  The beans and rice were flavorful and soft, and the guacamole was SO fresh!  This was my first experience with authentic Mexican food and man…I can’t even look at Taco Bell!

The next evening, we decided to check out the La Jolla beach.  One of our friends from the program told us about the seals and lovely beach, and we decided it would be a great place to check out.

  God gave us the perfect weather for our beach excursion!

And we got the PERFECT parking spot.  We stepped out of the car, walked a couple of feel to a railing to look down at see this!!!

Perfect backdrop for a photo, don’t you think?

Well, I certainly thought so! 🙂

We wandered a long for a bit, and looked back to where we parked…how gorgeous is this?!

Mom sent us down to the rocks to snap this photo before we set off on a dinner-searching expedition.

We found this little place, Krafty Krepes.  They have crepes and paninis, and being hungry, I opted for…..

…a turkey and avocado panini.  It was SO.MUCH.FOOD!  But it was so tasty!  Flavorful deli turkey gave it some staying power,  while  the avocado slices and mayo made it creamy.  The  bread was slightly buttered and perfectly toasted.

And we all got free salads to boot!

And of course, sunset by the beach was BEAUTIFUL!

Our last night in town, we went back to Old Town…we just really liked it!

I only remembered to take a photo of my dinner…

But it was so great!  We went to Cafe Coyote which is apparently quite the happenin’ place!  We got a table right away, though, and made our decisions.  I went with one chicken taco and one potato taco.  Yes, potato taco.  Served in corn tortillas as well, the quality was right up there with El Fandango.  The potato taco was interesting.  I expected diced potatoes, but they were mashed…and SPICY!  I enjoyed it, but the chicken taco was my preference.

That brings me to the end of my best photos!  We had a really great time in San Diego, but don’t let this give you the false assumption that it was all fun and games.  I think I can truthfully say that last week was some of the hardest ED work I’ve done.  I’ll write more soon.





An Exciting Report!

Hello Friends!

Guess what?  I have one final today, and one final tomorrow, and then I’m done!  Well, until September…but I’m going to try not to think about that too much for the next 3 1/2 months 😉

A few posts ago, I mentioned that my family and I would be going to San Diego for an Eating Disorder Treatment program.  I also may or may not have promised a full report on that soon…so here it is! 🙂

My family and I will be attending Intensive Family Therapy provided by the Eating Disorder Center at the University of California, San Diego (I’ll abbreviate it UCSD).  The rationale of this type of therapy is “…to provide parents with an understanding and the tools necessary to successfully interact and manage their child with anorexia at home. In addition, we teach adolescents with AN how to understand the symptoms that they are having and develop more effective coping strategies.”  (source)

Guys, I’m so excited!  CJ summed it up pretty well in her post the other day:”I’m sick and tired of being sick and tired!”  I don’t see this therapy method as a “magic bullet” — however, it sounds like it will provide a lot of tools and strategies to help get me in a healthier frame of mind.

Back to the therapy: they use the Maudsley approach.  As explained by UCSD:

“The theoretical understanding or overall philosophy of the Maudsley approach is that the adolescent is imbedded in the family, and that the parents’ involvement in therapy is vitally important for ultimate success in treatment.” (source)

It’s all about family – and the family working together to provide an individualized treatment plan, one that works for the family.  The really awesome thing about this is that my family and I don’t have to fit some mold of ideal therapy – we get to work with experts who will help us tweak it to fit us best!  In a sense, it seems like this type of treatment works to retrain my mind – to take a step back and be more child-like, when it comes to eating.

The UCSD program also incorporates relaxation techniques to cope with stress, and teaches some methods for effective family communication.  Don’t worry – you’ll get a full report when I’m back!  We fly out in less than 2 weeks.

Not only will this be a great time to learn a lot about dealing with eating disorders, but it will be like a (dare I say it?)…VACATION!  We’ll attend treatment from 9am-4pm, and then be free to do as we please.







Not to mention the boardwalk, lots of shopping, different food, different climate TOTALLY…I’m looking forward to this.

It’s just one more bit of proof that God is good and He knows just what we need 🙂