Pizza and Roomies

SNOW DAY!!  Yep, that’s right, classes were cancelled today due to dangerous roads and snow, and with the severe weather alert (have you seen this article!??!), I’m not certain as to how much schooling we’ll actually have this week.  *knock on wood*

I mentioned in my snowy post that the roomies and I would be making pizza, and promised to write a post about it…and since I make a habit of keeping my promises……’s the pizza post!!!

First, I must thank my dear roommate, Nikki, for being our faithful photographer and sharing her pictures with me.


And also, may I say…Betty Crocker Pizza crust recipe, for the win!

First, we measured flour, salt, sugar and yeast, then mixed them together in a large bowl.

This was my first attempt at cooking anything with yeast that WASN’T in a bread machine.  Yikes!

Style is a must in our kitchen.  Coordination is especially key.  Notice how the red floral pattern compliments the purple plaid pants.  Perfection. 😉

Look at the aprons!  That’s also a must for our kitchen (Elizabeth, we missed you!!!!)

Ok, back to the cooking!  We added oil and water to the dry ingredients, then mixed them with a hand mixer for awhile before adding more flour, then mixing by hand.

Then, our oh-so-strong roomie, Marisa, got her knead on.  And she showed that dough who was boss!

I gave Nikki a break from the camera ’cause she needed in some of these shots!  And she wanted to properly cheer on Marisa’s kneading endeavor and show her overall excitement for pizza 🙂

Back in the bowl the dough went to rise in the oven…

…except it didn’t rise very much.  Oops.  Hope that doesn’t cause problems…

But we kept calm and carried on!  Dividing our dough into two sections, we flung skillfully tossed our dough.  Except nothing really happened.  So we took to the safer route and patted them onto our greased cookie sheets.

Yep, much safer!

While the crusts pre-baked, we gathered our toppings!  Ohhhh yum.

We got a little ansty waiting…

But finally it was time to make pizza!  Nikki expertly sauced the crusts.

Next came the cheese and salami (just cheese on the other) and then…….

…..and then they were DONE!  Hooray!

We had salad and bread with our pizza-pies…sound weird?  Then just pretend the bread was bread sticks 😉

So there’s our pizza adventure!  The crust turned out quite tasty, and all in all, we thoroughly enjoyed the fruits of our labor.

And now I’m hungry.  Better go find some dinner!

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