Well folks, I made it home!  Thursday, I hopped on a DEEEElightful little turbo-prop and made it home in about an hour and a half…beats the train any day 😉  I don’t mean to go hatin’ on the train, but seriously…would you rather spend 14 hours on a train or 1 1/2 hours on a plane?  Even though I don’t particularly enjoy flying, I can deal.

The whole process went smoothly – checking my bag (pre-paid baggage check, score!) and security….well, there was this conversation at security…I had placed all my things in the little plastic containers, taken off my shoes, and thought it was time to go through the metal detector…except the TSA guy didn’t act like he wanted me to come through.  I started to walk towards him, and the exchange went something like this:

TSA guy: You’ll want to stay with your stuff until it’s in the X-ray machine.

Me: (not realizing he was talking to me) uhhhh…. (and then I kept walking)

TSA guy: Is that your stuff?  Your computer?

Me: Yeaahhh…..

TSA guy: Do you care about it?

Me: Ummm…yes?

TSA guy: Then I suggest you stay with it until it’s in the X-ray machine.  Never trust strangers…my mother always told me to never trust strangers…..

So yeah.  That was a wee bit awkward.

But I made it through security with no true issues, and then set out to find my gate and my lunch.  I easily found my gate, then found Wolfgang Puck Express.  The new employee apparently didn’t know how to ring up a side salad with a bowl of soup, so I ended up getting the salad for free…lunch for less than $5?  Okay!  Scalding my mouth on velvety-smooth, slightly sweet yet delightfully savory butternut squash soup?  NOT OKAY!  But I survived.

My flight left on time, and I was blessed with a nice seat-partner.  He’s an older fellow from the Flathead, with a cowboy hat, a bright red button-up shirt and a long, white beard.  And he felt similarly about flying as I do.  I struck up a conversation during take-off (distraction, yo!) which lasted a good while.  The best pearl of wisdom he shared with me: When it comes to finding a job after graduation, is it more important to live in a particular place and take whatever job you can find, or is the job itself so important to you that you’d go anywhere just to have that job?  This fellow was pretty cool!   And yay for having meaningful conversations with complete strangers (safe strangers, of course)!

Before I knew it, the seat belt light was on, and we were beginning our decent into Kalispell.  And then my seat-partner and I were pointing out Highway 93 and the Stillwater River, and then “Oh look!  Airport property!” and then we landed!  My mom was kind enough to snap this shot of me:

So that’s that!  I’m here to stay for about 3 weeks…joy!  In those 3 weeks, I plan to catch up with friends, catch up on rest, and do ‘lots of cooking (with corresponding blog posts, obviously).

Hooray for a well stocked kitchen!  Hooray for mom and dad buying things with which to stock the kitchen!

Hooray for being home.