Sticks and Stones May Break my Bones…

Sticks and stones may break my bones…but words may break my spirit.

We all know that the words we speak can have a significant impact.  They can build up – confidence, strength, happiness.  They can act as a commitment – to a task, to an event, to a person.  But words can also tear down.  Wreak havoc.  Break hearts.  Break spirits.

And words cannot be taken back once they are spoken.  Putting words back in your mouth is about as easy as putting toothpaste back in the tube after you squeeze it out.  Yeah, it doesn’t work out so well!

The power of words is not a new concept.  But ED directs words to the most sensitive place possible.  Have a little wound of insecurity?  ED will gladly direct the salty words of an ill-delivered compliment straight to the open skin.  Then, ED will proceed to rub and chafe and scour the wound with the salt laden words until he almost wins.  He used to win.  Now, he’s not usually so lucky.

But the salt still stings.  That ill-delivered compliment plays in my mind over and over…and over.  I feel resentment towards the complimentor, although I shouldn’t.  She’s not exactly young, and she has some significant medical issues that probably affect how she interacts socially.  She doesn’t really “get” eating disorders.  But still, her words…her words.

Her words were meant well.  She certainly intended good.  But when I walked up to her to greet her this morning, the first words out of her mouth were “Ohhhh look at you, you’ve gained weight!  You look so good, you were too thin before, but you’ve gained weight, haven’t you?”  and on and on.

Yes, what she said was true.  And yes, what she said could be encouraging and complimentary.  However, it was the delivery.  She spoke loudly in a crowd.  She made my weight and appearance the heart and focus of our brief conversation.  And that’s what got me.

Here is my request (whether your my friend or have friends who deal with an eating disorder):

Feel free to compliment.  Please don’t feel like you have to walk around on egg shells (at least around me).  But when you do give compliments, think a little about your words before they leave your mouth.  Think a little about being tactful with your words.  Use words that will build up, not tear down.  Use words that will strengthen a spirit, not break it. 




Life was Just Happening, Part 1


In my last post, I mentioned that I’m behind on posting blog-able events.  Here is an attempt at catching up – at least a bit!

A couple of weeks ago, my roomies and I woke up early (well, for a Saturday, at least), packed up a cooler full of lunch, jackets, bocci ball, and a frisbee and hit the road.  Destination: Fort Casey.  One roomie had never been there, and the other hadn’t been in years, so we decided that for and end-of-the-year celebration/quality time session, we just had to go!  And of course, copious amounts of photos were taken.

As soon as we were ready, we hopped in my car and thus begins our epic adventure.

We were seriously excited.  Obviously.

Our first stop?  The ferry.

Again, there was some serious excitement amongst the ranks!

And before we knew it…we had arrived at the highly anticipated destination: Fort Casey!  Our first item of business?  Explore the bunkers and guns.

For the record, you’re never too old to play in the bunkers.  Basically, it’s a playground for adults big kids. Point proven #1.

Point proven #2!

After exploring for a bit, we went to a particular part of the bunker that has AMAZING acoustics.  It makes even the smallest voice sound big – so imagine four voices…in harmony!  We sang as many songs as we could remember — and even had a passerby add his bass voice to our rendition of Amazing Grace.  Proof that you don’t always have to be in a church service to worship God!

But all that singing sure did make us hungry…

So we set up our picnic.  And got comfy 🙂

But Marisa and I had a surprise.  We decided that our roomies are SO great that they needed some awards.  So we put our heads together and invented some pretty snazzy certificates.

Yes, that does say “Brown Trout Wrangler Award”.  And yes, that’s a plunger.

Here is one of several awarded to Nikki.  Others included “Late Night Champ”, “Spunktastic Quirkny”, and “Best Listener”.

And here is what happens when you’re laughing hysterically and a sudden gust of wind comes up…and you’re STILL laughing hysterically as you dive for the awards shouting, “SAVE THE CERTIFICATES!!!!!!!”  I love these girls.

After lunch, comical games of frisbee, and many many rounds of bocci, we decided to take a walk to explore another set of bunkers.

We saw this little feller along the way.

And then we arrived at our destination.  But now the question was…how do we get down there?  The answer?

Uh…very carefully?

You got this, Nikki!

Like a champ!

We came upon these stairs with an open door.  Where would they go?  Into the depths of the hill?  Would it be creepy?  Would it be an adventure?

Who knew it would just be an old bathroom.  Ha!

After thoroughly creeping ourselves out/getting adrenaline rushes in the depths of the bunkers, we decided to mosey on back to the main part of the fort for more singing and some beach time.

Are they just the greatest??

Marisa tried waving at the ferry.  Who knows if they actually saw us though…

Marisa also snapped this prime shot.  I seriously giggle every, and I mean EVERY time I see it!

In case you ever wondered…yep, this is how cool my roomies are.

No explanation needed.

Photo credit: Elizabeth.  Caption Credit: Nikki.  So much love/loveliness.

Here is proof that even big kids get tired after playing all day!

But what an excellent day it was.  I can think of few things better than spending the day with wonderful, Godly women, exploring, adventuring, sharing a meal, and rejoicing in the God-painted beauty of the creation and people around us.

As captioned by Elizabeth, and quoted from Switchfoot:

Part 2 is coming your way soon – until then, “may the peace of the Lord be with you.”