A Mom Visit

Hello friends!  I can’t believe it’s been almost a week since my last post…time flies when you’re having fun doing homework, I suppose!

On Monday, my mom stopped by on her way to visit my grandma.  Although it was a super short visit, I enjoyed it and am quite glad she got to swing by!  Too bad my dad had to work and couldn’t come with her.  But hey.  Only a few more weeks till the end of the semester! 😀

Mom and I did the typical “mother-daughter” thing…we went shopping.  Along with some necessities, I picked up a few fun little things:

This sweatshirt, from Target –



Comfy, light, springy – I’ve worn it at some point every day over the last 3 days…ooops.  Oh well 🙂

This book –


I’m currently on page xxvi – as in, I’m not past the introduction – and I’ve already underlined SO many things I can relate to and understand.  It’s almost unnerving how similarly “Ed” can affect people.  But I’m really looking forward to reading this book.  It’s even written to be easier for people with Eating Disorders to read; the chapters and sections are shorter, which accommodates short attention spans and lack of focus commonly seen in people who are under-nourished due to an Eating Disorder.  I’ll let you know how the book goes!

Oooooh and I found this excellent devotional journal!


If you’ve never experienced anything by Beth Moore, you’re missing out.  God has given her a gift for speaking right to the hearts of women from any background, at any place in their lives.  This journal is designed to go along with her book, “Get Out of That Pit” which I haven’t read, but so far, I’m really enjoying the journal anyways.  By the way, I’ve been through Beth Moore’s study, “Breaking Free” , which I would highly recommend, and I bought her book “Praying God’s Word” which is an EXCELLENT study and prayer tool.

Mom and I also had dinner, but the highlight came after dinner. *drum roll*…..we went to Dairy Queen!!!  Not that I was excited or anything *cough-cough*.  My recent experience with cookies n’ cream seems to have whet my appetite…cause the only thing I could think about after dinner was an…….

Man!  So good!  It was like ice cream nirvana.  How can something as simple as vanilla ice cream and crushed oreos be so good?  Wait.  Don’t answer that.  It’s ice cream!  Seriously, though, this was tasty!  Just what I wanted – and the perfect way to cap off our mom-daughter evening.

And we very intentionally took a picture of me EATING said blizzard.  I just apparently don’t pose well when eating.  Oh well.  I’ve got bigger fish to fry!

Well there you have a little summary of my mom’s visit – it was definitely a nice diversion from the typical homework-filled evening.  I may or may not have skipped my two classes the next day to do work…shhhh 😉

In observance of Good Friday, here is a little something to chew on:

Have a blessed Easter.




6 thoughts on “A Mom Visit

  1. I like the picture of you eating your blizzard! It looks so yummy and you are always so adorable! I’m so glad you had a fun time with your mom too! Thanks for sharing! 🙂

  2. Your mom had a fun time als0 – wish it could have been longer but the semester ends soon!!! Yay!!!

    love you bunches, Mom

  3. It’s always fun having a shopping day with your mother. I know me and my mom won’t come back until we feel we spent enough lol. And if thathoodie is sherpa, I have the same one from Target 🙂

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