Have Your Ice Cream…

Have your ice cream and eat it too!  That’s my theme today.

Last night, I had a slight inkling that cookies n’ cream sounded good.  Really good.  It’s one of my favorites, after all!  But I forgot all about it until this morning.  Whilst browsing Pinterest, I saw this:

Cookies n’ Cream scones, from Baking Bites.  And I remembered my craving.  And it came back in full force.  I could almost taste it!

A status update on Facebook garnered a text from my roommate, encouraging me to go get me some ice cream.  She said, “Listen, right now you have no reason to avoid eating something that will make you happy.  None.”  But I made excuses anyways.

I’m eating lunch.

It’s more fun to get ice cream with someone else.

I’ll just wait till tonight until you can come too.

Except I kept thinking about that darn ice cream.  And I felt antsy and cranky. I decided to get out of the apartment (and into the GLORIOUS weather!) and walk down to the music building to practice for a bit.  During my little stroll, I decided to face my ice cream decision head on and ask…”What are you scared of?”

Well, I rarely eat ice cream before dinner.

So.  Is there some kind of law about that?

What if it’s really hard to eat dinner because I know I’ve indulged already?  What if eating ice cream now makes me want to restrict?!  Maybe I’ll have salad for dinner…

Is there any difference in eating ice cream before or after dinner?  It’s not like pre-dinner ice cream has more calories.  You won’t suddenly become fat.  Promise.

But what if I want dessert after dinner, except that I’ve already had ice cream?

So.  What’s wrong with having two sweet things in one day?

But what if someone sees me?  Is it weird to go get ice cream alone?

Uhhhh…wow.  That’s a lie straight from ED!  People get ice cream alone ALL the time!  Have you ever seen the Dairy Queen drive-thru?


By this time, I was feeling a bit hungry.  And I couldn’t stop thinking about cookies n’ cream.  So I came home from practicing, grabbed my wallet and got in my car.  Destination: Baskin Robins.

I wasn’t the only one there.  There were a couple of ladies slowly slurping down their double scoop waffle cones.  And the high school kids in front of me excitedly grabbed their double scoop waffle cones.

“Can I help you?”

“Uhh, yeah, could I get a kids scoop of cookies n’ cream please?”

$2 later, I’m back in the car, carefully setting the cup down and hoping it doesn’t melt before I get home.  It’s 55 degrees after all!  But all was well – a few minutes later found me walking up to my apartment, getting ready for some ice cream.

Melty, creamy, sweet…perfect for this sunny and warm day.  Even though it was a little scoop, would I be able to finish it?  After a couple bites, I knew the answer. 🙂

I love how the cookie chunks are soft – not soggy, but not crunchy.  I love how there’s always a couple bigger chunks, too.  I save them for last.

I love the smoothness of the ice cream, and how it gets soft and melty, perfectly blending the cream with the cookies.

This really hit the spot.  I’m not cranky anymore.  I’m not antsy anymore.  My body asked for something, and I listened.  Listened and acted.

I took a few moments to think about how I handled ice cream in the past.  I’ve always liked it.  It had a place in the freezer at home just about all the time.  Post ED diagnosis, I could generally do alright with ice cream.  A blizzard or cone here and there…a bit at home after dinner.  No prob.  Last spring, I downed a pretty good-sized scoop of good ol’ cookies n’ cream one afternoon – and I did the same after a long hike this summer.  I’ve got some work to do, folks.  But it’s ice cream.  Ice cream work can’t be that bad! 🙂

And it’s not as though I don’t like ice cream.  I can certainly eat it.  In the words of CJ over at Happy, Healthy, Whole…”Fake it till ya make it!”  Just gotta reach the point of pure enjoyment NOT laced with guilt.

Marisa will be home soon, and we’ll make dinner together.  I’ll eat veggies.  And rice.  And meat with sauce.  And I’m quite sure it will taste good.  And if I have to, I’ll write on my hand:

“It’s not like pre-dinner ice cream has more calories”

Go eat some ice cream 🙂





6 thoughts on “Have Your Ice Cream…

  1. That’s my girl! I am proud of you. I just sat down to mac and cheese, which I had been craving. I have Kraft mac’n cheese with a sprinkle of bacon bits (used some extra grated cheese in with the Kraft) and steamed zucchini. Yummmmm!

    I will have some Ice Cream in a little bit. Love you, Ma

  2. WOOOOOOOO! I loved this post! Spontaneous ice cream cravings are one of the best things about sunny days for me! 🙂 You go girl!

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