A Lunch Date

Hello, friends!

Spring break is a lovely time.  Being home, free from lots of homework, no terribly demanding schedule…love it!  Okay, maybe I don’t love the homework part, but you know…it’s less stressful 🙂

My dad works early in the morning and later in the afternoon, and because mom works at a school (during the day, obviously), I get to chill with Dad during the day when I’m home.  Today, we had a little lunch date!  Dad suggested we go to Coffee Traders, a local “hot spot”, and let’s just say…no complaints from me!


Coffee Traders is a cafe and coffee shop (shocker!), featuring locally roasted coffee, and a relatively healthy menu with quite a few locally sourced ingredients.  For lunch, the cafe has a “soup and sandwich/wrap” kind of menu, but “sandwich” is a broad term.  A basic turkey sandwich?  Sure!  Tofu wrap?  Why not!  Burger?  You betcha.  As far as soups go, veggie chili is always on the menu, and you basically can’t go wrong with any of the rotating choices.  Fresh salads, quiche, burritos…and the baked goods.  Ohhhhh man.  Basically what I’m sayin’ is that you need to make a little trip to this place!  You won’t be disappointed 🙂

You may have noticed that I’m quite the soup-lover.  For evidence, just take a look-see at my recipe page…proportionately, there’s a lot of soup.  So naturally, when deciding what to have for lunch, my attention went straight to the daily soup board.

After deliberating between the clam chowder and the vegetable barley, I settled on the chowder.  Creamy but not tooooo creamy, this soup had tender clams, smooth baby red potatoes and the perfect amount of celery and onion.  I didn’t love the red pepper chunks, but I could pick around them 😀  The salad served as a great light and fresh contrast to the creamy soup, and the bread…so tasty.  Oh, and don’t mind the onions off to the side…I always forget to ask for them to be left off!

Dad opted for the manly burger.  No, that’s not what it’s called on the menu.  Yes, this is what I just decided to call it 🙂  I didn’t taste it, but let me tell ya, it looked (and smelled) good!  And dad approved.  A side of fruit rounded out his meal nicely.  Yay for a tasty lunch!

From an eating disorder perspective, this would seem like a pretty successful lunch, right?  Right.  I mean come on…clam chowder?  Do you realize how creamy this stuff is?  In making my meal choice, I thought to myself “You know, there’s probably a good amount of calcium in that soup, so I’ll order a cup”.  But that’s where the little issue arose.  I ordered a cup.  The cashier wrote down “cup“.  But friends, they didn’t bring me a cup.  Scroll back up to that photo.  Look close.  That’s a bowl.  A bowl of creamy chowder.  I didn’t panic, but I certainly experienced a big ol’ moment of uncertainty.

And then I dug in. 

No, I didn’t eat the whole bowl.  I ate quite a bit of the stuff out of it, leaving mostly broth (and red peppers!) behind.  But I ate it.  I didn’t make a fuss.  I mentioned the mix-up to my dad, and then we went on with the meal.  I could feel that ED voice flinging arrows, though.

You should have gotten the vegetable barley.  At least then, the BOWL wouldn’t have been so bad.”

But the chowder sounded good.

Why didn’t you just the sandwich and salad?  Then you wouldn’t have even had to worry about this.”

I didn’t want a cold sandwich.  It was snowing, after all!

So.  I managed to eat and enjoy my lunch despite ED’s nagging.  And anyways…how dare ED barge in on my lunch date with my dad!

And guess what!  Later in the afternoon, I had a little snack.  And so far, I’m okay 🙂

For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms.

Ephesians 6:12




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