Eating Doughnuts


I had every intention of posting several times this week about Eating Disorder Awareness Week, but alas…school must take priority.

In my last post I mentioned that I would be back with some information about how to approach loved who show signs of an eating disorder as well as how to support people in your lives who have been diagnosed.  Let me just tell you first hand…if it weren’t for my support system, I would be one sad individual.  I thank God for the people He has strategically placed in my life!

Sometimes it’s scary to even talk to someone with an eating disorder….there’s a huge (and understandable) fear of saying the wrong thing.  I could type a bunch of this info out…or, you could simply click here and take a gander at the documents NEDA posted.  And I would HIGHLY encourage you to do so 🙂

Now, you might be curious about the title of this post.  Doughnuts?  Yeah, doughnuts.  Well, half of one to be specific.  Oh, and I ate that half.  It looked kinda like this:


Except the sprinkles were pink, orange and yellow.

Guys, I ATE HALF A DOUGHNUT!  This is a wee bit of a scary thing!  Doughnuts are definitely a “fear food”, but let me just say this: it tasted really good.

It was almost overwhelming at first.  There were three boxes, choc full of every kind of doughnut – chocolate bars, maple bars, jelly filled, cream filled with chocolate, white frosted, white frosted with sprinkles…I didn’t know what to choose.  So I grabbed a cute one and took a bite.

Man.  Sweet yet savory.  Doughy and smooth, with little crunches from the sprinkles.

“Ummm, what are you doing?”

I’m eating a doughnut.

“Why would you do that?”

Because I want one.  And I’m kinda hungry.  And it tastes good.

“Sheesh.  Well don’t eat too much.”

This was the almost subconscious battle going on in my mind.  Obviously, the italics are the ED voice.

I ate half.  All things considered, I think this is okay.  Did I mention it tasted good?? 🙂

So now, the goal for tonight: don’t beat myself up about it.  Eat dinner.  Have dessert/snack.  Move on with my life.


It’s just a doughnut.

In other news…IT’S SPRING BREAK!!!!






7 thoughts on “Eating Doughnuts

  1. Woohoo! I know what a big deal this is. I will gladly buy you donuts . . . Cuz I would likely get the other half!!

    Love ya bunches, Mom

  2. Well done!

    It’s a little bit strange that I’ve just found your blog actually, because I bought myself a doughnut yesterday. I’d been thinking about them for weeks but have been too terrified to actually get one. I got close – had them at the tills ready to pay for but always wimped out but yesterday, I conquered the fear as well!

    I bought a jam one, whacked it in the microwave for a few seconds so it went lovely and warm, the jam was all gooey and I can safely say it tasted GOOD! Hopefully doughnuts will feature more often in my daily intake 🙂

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