Constructive Procrastination

I don’t want to do homework.  3 weeks in to the semester and I’m done.  Can we say senioritis!?!  😀  Never fear…I’ll manage, AND get my homework done 😉

But right now, it’s time for a post.

Remember how after Christmas break I said something about wanting to make it last longer, and I would try to simulate that by posting Christmas break recaps over the next few weeks?  Here’s post #2 of my long-awaited recap!

My mom and I have a new tradition of going to Lake McDonald on New Year’s day to take pictures, freeze our fingers and rears, and enjoy the scenery and company.  This year (year #2), we realized that our plan could be somewhat complicated.  New Year’s day would land on a Sunday, the first day of the Skier’s Worship service my mom leads at a near-by ski resort.  What to do!??!  Well go on New Year’s eve, naturally!  So poor Dad went to work, and we went adventuring!

Destination – nearly deserted lake surrounded by snow and snow-covered trees.  Oh, and it’s beautiful too.  Sign me up!

So this reflection…dual meaning anyone? 😉  You might be in an English Literature class if….

I adore the rustic gathering of these rocks.  Don’t ask me why, exactly.  All I could say is that when I was a wee child, I wanted to be a geologist.  BADLY.  I would collect random rocks to the point that my parents would have to limit me.  And I ALWAYS wanted to by those shiny polished rocks at tourist-trap gift shops.  Clearly, my aspirations in life have changed, but I still have a fascination with rocks.


Ummmm…yeah.  I definitely still like rocks!

Photography is a certainly one of my mom’s favorite hobbies.  And she’s got the camera to prove it!

But trust me, this is no serious photographic event.

See what I mean!

Although this is a pretty nice picture.

Don’t let this fool you…I probably started giggling right after mom finished taking the shot!

And kudos to mom for remembering to bring a tripod!  Who needs a studio when you have Lake McDonald?


Well friends, I should probably get back to work.  Constructive procrastination can only win for so long, you know.  Although it is about time for some dinner…….AHH!

Stay tuned for a super-nifty sounding cookie recipe I recently stumbled upon!




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