Two Years Ago Today…

Unbelievable.  Today marks the two-year anniversary of perhaps one of the most life-changing moments to date.

Two years ago today, I received the diagnosis of anorexia.

Two years ago today, I spent two days in the hospital, undergoing tests and exams.  All pride was removed.  Or shall I say ripped down.

Soon after leaving the hospital

Two years ago today, my life, under God’s sovereignty, was placed on a path different than I would have ever imagined, one that I never would have chosen.

And as crazy as it sounds, it’s been a blessing. 

I’ve had the opportunity to meet people and develop close(r) relationships with people that probably wouldn’t have occurred, had my life not taken this unexpected turn.  And I look forward to meeting more people and developing even closer relationships.

I’ve gained understanding of people.  I can empathize and sympathize better than before.  When a young and nervous girl tells me that she “doesn’t like eating”, I know what she’s really saying.

Thanks to counseling sessions, mentoring sessions, and more opportunities to have deep conversations with lots of people, I’ve been able to get to know myself better.  Ask myself the hard questions.  Figure out what I really believe and think and feel.  Make some decisions.

I’ve worked harder and dug deeper than I ever have before.  And guess what?  I had no choice but to rely upon and trust in God more deeply.  And if that was the only reason I could state as a blessing, it would be good enough.

See, I don’t believe that God does anything by accident, or “just because”, or because he likes to see us squirm.  God is love, and putting us through difficult times just for the sake of doing it doesn’t seem like a loving characteristic.  I do believe, however, that God allows challenging things into our lives in order to grow us; to refine us and grow us.  Growth is change, and change is temporarily uncomfortable at the least…downright painful at the most.

So this is my reflection today – remembering where I began, and celebrating where I am.  There is still recovery work to be done, but so much has been accomplished.


I’ve learned that He makes beautiful things out of dust.




4 thoughts on “Two Years Ago Today…

  1. Oh my darling daughter, what a beautiful woman of God you are becoming/have become. I am so proud of how far you have come in these two years. I thank the Lord for all He has accomplished in you and look forward to all He has for you in the future.

    Love you so so much, Mom
    (and you have always been beautiful to me)

  2. My sweet daughter from another mother!! LOL, I am so proud of you and how much you have overcome and grown in these 2 years! I don’t know if I ever shared, but I too dealt with anorexia in high school! It was before society knew much about it or openly talked about it! It is not an easy thing to deal with or conquer, I made it through with my Mom’s determination and when I am severely stressed, it creeps it’s ugly head and I tend to not eat! You are an amazing young woman and I am so proud of you. Thanks for sharing all of this ! That is a hard thing as well!
    I love you and can’t wait to see you!!!
    Love your OTHER mother! :o)

    • Awww other-mother! Thank you for sharing that – I remember you mentioning it awhile ago, but I had nearly forgotten. Thank you for your encouragement – love you!

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